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Project Description
DBMaint has been created to help DBA manage a Microsoft SQL server enterprise; it does this by collecting information about the SQL environment and providing you a means to consume that data through reports. Items such as SQL logins, roles, database etc are collected.

2011-08-19: I'm working on a logging feature which will record information on all of the database backups made, by who and to where, an alerting feature which can raise events in to the tbleventlog table if a backup is made outside of the configured backup directory. I hope to get this feature out in the near future.

Firstly, I hope you will find this project of ours useful, we look forward to feedback and building a team of folks to help make this project better and more useful in managing SQL server systems.

The system is divided into two specific areas, Auditing and Statistical.
The audit part is designed to notify of changes to the SQL system, it does the following:
1. Alert for creation or deletion of databases
2. Alert for database setting change
3. Alert for backup and log backup not done
4. Alert for disk drive addition or removal
5. Alert for disk space
6. Alert for SQL login added or removed
7. Alert for SQL database user added or removed
8. Alert for SQL role added or removed

The statistical part is designed to allow you to gather useful information
1. Alert trends
2. Database growth rates
3. SQL server uptime
4. Login, user and role reports
5. SQL error log collection
6. Disk drive capacity overview

Further on from this it is easy for you to write your own reports and use this information in more suitable ways.
The following reports are included:
1. Capacity – Disk drive space
2. Database – Backup overview report
3. Database – Growth Overview
4. Database – Overview by server
5. Database – Size report by DB
6. Database – Uptime report
7. Event – Dashboard
8. Monthly – SQL Overview Report
9. Physical – Disk drive space report by server
10. Physical SQL Server estate overview
11. Security – DB Users
12. Security – Global DB user report
13. Security – Global Login Report
14. Security – Login failure events
15. Security – SQL Event log
16. ServerEventDrilldown

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